Lowlights In Blonde Hair: How It Makes You More Beautiful

Posted by Mamun on February 15th, 2013

One of the trendiest hairstyles coming this 2013 is the multi-tonal shade. In fact, a loot of Hollywood A listers, from Blake Lively to Jennifer Aniston, makes use of lowlights in blonde hair in order for them to get that multitonal look in their blondes. Gone are the days when monochromatic bleach blondes are the rule, given that they only provoke a monotonous and shallow feel on your hair. This is the reason why applying lowlights one those blondes are the rule of the thumb for this incoming year.

lowlights in blonde hair
Take note that one of the most common mistakes committed by women is overly highlighting their blonds. With the popularity of highlighting, some fall into the tendency of applying highlights using the age old formula of blonde-blonder-blondest. The disadvantage of such routine is that it makes your hair very monotonously blonde, to a point that it looks to shallow and boring. By having highlights, the depth and dimension of your hair is actually compromised. This is where applying lowlights come into importance.

lowlights in blonde hair
By applying lowlights in blonde hair, you are actually making your hair have an added impression of dimension and depth something that would not be found with monochromatic blondes. The key concept that lowlights utilize is contrast. By suing lowlights, you are actually creating a simultaneous contrast of light and dark shades, contrast which gives out an illusion of added dimension and depth in your hair. In addition, by applying those lowlights, it also highlights the detail of layer done to your hair, making you have a more glamorous and natural look. Take note that applying lowlights actually emphasize the individual strands and layering with your hair, and combined with contrast would effect haircut lines more noticeably yet natural. This creates a feeling of movement for your hair.

lowlights in blonde hair
Therefore, when you want to make that blonde more natural and beautiful this 2013, the best option for you is to utilize the beauty of applying lowlights. Not only would it make your hair more trendy and give added depth and dimension, it also emphasizes layers and motion in your hair, making it stunningly beautiful.

lowlights in blonde hair

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