Hairstyles For Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Posted by Mamun on February 12th, 2013

Brown hair is very common these days and there are lots of different shades of brown that one can have. However, if you are tired of the same brown hair color, you might want to try having light brown hair with blonde highlights. But before going for this hairstyle, it would be best to determine the most appropriate shade of blonde first to make sure that it would match the brown color of your hair. Aside from that, you should also consider the haircut and style to go for to make it look more appealing.

light brown hair with blonde highlights
Haircuts and Styles

There are various ways on how you can cut your light brown hair with blonde highlights. You can opt for a deep-layered haircut with bangs or a simple middle parting with equal layered cut minus the bangs. You can also go for deep layers on the crown and less on the ends to get a stacked layered effect. This layer cut can be accompanied with blunt Cleopatra bangs or side sweeping bangs. If you prefer another haircut, you can opt for this but make sure that it would suit the shape of your face and flaunt your hair color and highlights.

light brown hair with blonde highlights
For your hairstyle, you can make use of curling hair mousse or sea salt spray if you want to have a wavy-curly hairstyle. To do this make sure that you spray the mousse while your hair is wet before scrunching it. If you want a straight hairstyle, you can run a razor over your hair for an even more stylish look. Razor cut can give your hair ends a wispy look. Another style that you can go for if you want a straight hair is to cut it choppy to add more volume to it. Get at least eight streaks of blonde highlights and a maximum of 12.

light brown hair with blonde highlights
When styling your light brown hair with blonde highlights, make sure that you shampoo it properly and apply conditioner to it. You should also use hair products that are made specifically for colored hair. After you have washed your hair, ensure that you comb it in a manner the haircut should be styled. You can also use a blow dryer or just let it dry naturally. When using a hair strengthener, make sure it comes with enough serum before applying it to your hair. To make sure that your hair color is properly maintained, avoid excessive exposure to sunlight.

light brown hair with blonde highlights

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