Dark Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Posted by Mamun on February 6th, 2013

Hair is perhaps one of the most important aspects of beauty in a woman. Having a good hair style crowns the glory of attention that a woman receives sparkling her entire appearance. Dark brown hair with blonde highlights is a very trendy hair style that most brunette women that love. The blonde highlights in the dark brown hair look sexy and sassy on any woman and goes well with a variety of wardrobe.

dark brown hair with blonde highlights
If you have dark brown hair, there are many hues of blonde shade that you can go for. Why don`t you start by trying the sparkling highlight. This involves having a blonde streak glittering on the front to give you that sexy charm shining in front of your voluminous dark brown hair. You can also try the dazzling hairstyle which will include layering the dark brown hair with the blonde highlights on the front and the sides to give you a bubbly look.

dark brown hair with blonde highlights
If you love wavy hairstyle you can have your dark brown hair parting on the side in a loose opened manner to display the blonde highlights and give you an alluring look. For a luscious look, keeping a charming portrait will be a good option; The medium blonde highlights will grace the wavy and dark brown hair in angular bangs giving you a very beautiful look.

dark brown hair with blonde highlights
Another good way to have those blonde highlights on your dark brown hair is to have them cascade on your shoulder to give you a glorious and contrasting look. You can keep the lovely highlights by having heavy blonde bangs highlighting along your long dark brown hair. If your dark brown hair is straight and glossy , you can have the golden brown blonde bangs grazing your eyebrows.

dark brown hair with blonde highlights
Whichever style that you decide to keep, caution must be taken on the blonde shade to be used. A particular hair tone will only look good if you use a particular hue on it. For many brunettes, the blonde highlights blends very well on their dark brown hair therefore the color to be used must be wisely selected.


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