Blonde Streaks Ideas 2013

Posted by Mamun on January 22nd, 2013

The timeless blonde hair color and blonde streaks were regarded to be an attractive style statement throughout last year and this year, too, it continues to be the most popular shade chosen by stylists. It does not matter whether you are a redhead or a brunette and if you have long or shoulder length hair. The sheer range of combinations that blonde streaks can provide, along with the latest techniques in hair coloring, helps you give yourself a totally different look.

blonde streaks

Here are a few blonde streaks ideas to make your hairstyle more vivacious:

Blonde and red: This is an eye-catching combination and looks great in wavy, short hair. The shades of red pop through the blonde streaks and lend a fun, peppy look.

blonde streaks

Middle streaks: Streaking the middle of long brown hair strands with light blonde color makes the hair look gorgeous and healthy.

Yellow and brown: This is another elegant combination of blonde streaks where the alternate colors and highlights suit both short and long hair and give the hair a natural glow.

blonde streaks

Streaks on fringe: The fringe can be streaked blonde in different ways; you can either streak the upper layer of the fringe to softly frame your face or have blonde streaks only on your fringe to give a distinctive look.

Reverse ombre: This is one of the most popular blonde streaks styles of this season where the roots are colored blonde while the ends of the hair are dark.

Upper layer streaks: Straight, long dark brown hair with a layer of blonde streaks on top looks very glamorous and is ideal for fashionistas.

blonde streaks

Talk to your stylist about which shade of blonde will be suitable for your hair color and complexion. Sometimes more than one tone of blonde streaking is recommended to add different layers. Refrain from any drastic change and choose a style where the shades blend naturally to give the desired look.

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