Blonde Hair With Brown Underneath

Posted by Mamun on January 17th, 2013

The word is ‘blend’! To their rich gorgeous hair colour, Brunettes and blondes can add a touch of magic and end up with a completely new look this year! The latest 2013 hair trend bound to grab eyeballs is all blonde hair with brown underneath or blonde highlights on dark brown mane. Twin colours go hand in hand and also make hair look thick. Different hairstyles with similar colour tones are in this season. Be it long or short o shoulder length adding shades to hair gives it the required bounce and style!

blonde hair with brown underneath pictures

People with short hair can play around with sporty pigtails while long haired gals can end up being chic. Chic bobs and pixies work wonders with shades of brown and blonde. Also this colour combo suits perfectly all complexions and face cuts. Subtle shades of both are perfect for tanned complexion while strong highlights suit ones on the fairer side.

blonde hair with brown underneath

Enhancing your long hair with layers with a touch ofblonde and brown is a cool idea this year! Curls and layers work best with highlights separating each layer or curl from the other. Hairstyles like wedding and prom up do look gorgeous with shaded hair. Adding a zing to common roll waved long mane or even the simple braided look is possible with it. Proper colour tones and bands add the much required spunk to the entire look and prevent your hair from being boring!

blonde hair with brown underneath

Easygoing gals can opt for a chignon braids as a daily difference to their looks, again something that works better on hair with shades of brown and blonde. For those who love to catch up with trends, blonde hair with brown underneath is the way to go for! Enhance and try it out with waterfall side braid or a lady Gaga bow bun hair style!

blonde hair with brown underneath

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