2011 Black Hair Cuts

Posted by Mamun on January 17th, 2013

The fashion among the black men is changing its landscape each and every day in the whole world. It is often very hard to keep abreast of all the changes. However, an easy way to keep track of the changes in the fashion scene in which the hair cuts for black men are a key factor, one only needs to take a glimpse at the movie stars and the hip-hop artistes trending at that moment. 2011 was a rather laid back year in the hairstyle department among black men. Cuts that were hip and popular a year earlier vanished with the reemergence of classical hairstyles.

black hair cuts
A haircut is naturally an essential component of a man’s statement. Though many hairstyles never really run out of fashion, 2011 saw hairstyles that were popular in the fifties reemerging. One such hairstyle is the classic short hair with a square shape. This cut was characterized by super sharp lines and a cut of uniform length. This few alterations gave the largely traditional cut a modern touch. It was famed for giving men a more masculine face.

black hair cuts
Furthermore, the hairstyles that were in took a trendier take. These included additions such as the edgy asymmetrical lines to the Afro temp fade haircut. The fade cut also witnessed additional alterations where the top part was cut a little more to the scalp giving it a classy look.

black hair cuts
However, some haircuts that persisted this year include the bald hair cut. This total shave haircut was trending among most black especially during summer of 2011. We however saw a shift in the preference of haircuts among black men shift towards the always trendy and urban close shaved style. This haircut persisted throughout most of the year. In deed black hair styles of 2011 were as diverse as the fashion preferences witnessed in the year.


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